Badam Ki Jali (Marzipan Cookie)

Badam Ki Jali 2Badam ki jali handmade fresh when you order. Our special recipe has been in our family for generations. We follow our great-grandmother’s original Hyderabadi recipe which contains only fresh hand-peeled almonds and sugar,  without any substitutes or shortcuts. No artificial flavors or colors. The badam ki jali dough is rolled,  cut into shapes, and then jalis are slow baked to perfection. A perfect party favor for weddings, parties, and functions!

With varq silver leaf:

-Large varqi jali(with silver leaf) $2.50 each
-Small varqi jali (with silver leaf) $1.75 each

Without varq silver leaf:

-Large no varq (without silver leaf) $2.25 each
-Small no varq (without silver leaf $1.25 each
-Mini (without silver leaf) $1 each

Extra large  or cake-sized jalis for birthdays and special events are custom made to specifications.

Contact us to order.

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